Thursday, August 26, 2010

Organic Chem Day 1

Tonight was my first class of orgo chem. It's still too early to tell, but it seems pretty good so far. I really like the professor. He's relaxed, funny, and clearly loves the subject he's teaching. Since today was the lab session, we had the intro, rules, etc. and were let out early.

Orgo chem is one of those classes you hear horror stories about. So, I had (still do, so far) a lot of preconceived ideas just how difficult this class might be. Happily, I've recently talked to two other women who, upon hearing this would be my upcoming class, could only wax poetic about how much they loved orgo chem! I started to wonder if, perhaps this class won't be as bad as I think. Sure, it'll be work, no doubt.

Another consolation is when a classmate from my other summer classes said to me today, "After AP I and II this summer, this class is THREE times as long! It'll be like slo-mo for us!" Very good point. We survived 2 semester-long classes smooshed into 5 weeks each. This class is 15 weeks. In addition, many people have told me that those who hated general chem, end up loving and doing well in orgo. Here's hoping that's me (wasn't crazy about gen chem)!

I just ordered my book from for cheaper than the school bookstore. Also, it's the looseleaf edition, which will allow me to carry along only the chapters I need. It should arrive by Monday—just in time to read the first 3 chapters assigned for Tuesday! :( UPDATE: Grrrr. Amazon doesn't actually ship for 1-2 weeks! Too late for me. Turns out the looseleaf arrived at the school bookstore over the weekend. How lucky! I wasn't sure how I'd get the book before class, otherwise.

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